Disappearing Screen Doors

An authorized Phantom Screens distributor for Northern California.

Disappearing Screen Doors

Disappearing Screen Doors  | Superior Screens : Sonoma, CA

Superior Screens offers screen windows and doors for every opening in your home. One of our top products is the Phantom door screens which are customized to your doors. Whether you have beautiful in-swinging French doors or an out-swinging patio door, we have a screen to fit.

Designed to retract into a protective cover that blends beautifully with your home, the screens are easy to use, extremely quiet and secure. Featuring a tight weave, insects will not invade your home when you are inviting in a cool afternoon breeze.

Custom fit for in-swing, out-swing, patio slider, single and double doors, the screens frames are finished to match your doorframe and blend seamlessly with your home. They are a beautiful solution for any style of door, and there are several benefits to investing in screens that vanish before your eyes.

• Maintain your stunning view – When you have an amazing view, you don’t want a bulky frame to block it. Our Phantom screens are designed to preserve your beautiful view. Housed in a sleek aluminum case, it also won’t block your view when the screen is not in use.
• Easy operation – Traditional sliding screens can be difficult to open. They tend to stick, and the frames are easily bent. Durable Phantom screens are so easy to operate that you only need one hand.
• The solution for tricky doors – Double French doors can be hard to screen, but our retractable options make it screening the opening easy.
• In-swinging and out-swinging doors – Whether the doors open to the inside or outside of your home, the retractable door screen will not interfere with door operation.

When it’s time to put new screens on your residential doors, choose the versatile disappearing screens that are easy to use. Durable and designed to preserve your view, call us today at 707-996-6105 or 707-481-5402 to make an appointment for your Superior Screens.