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Retractable Screen Door | Superior Screens

Screens are a modern luxury that makes your home more enjoyable when the weather is nice. Opening..

Motorized Screen Door | Superior Screens

One of our specialties is custom Executive Screens. Designed for large openings that would normally be..

Disappearing Screen Doors | Superior Screens

Superior Screens offers screen windows and doors for every opening in your home. One of our top..

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Custom Screens!

The weather in Santa Rosa invites you to open the windows and enjoy the fresh breeze, but the bugs will quickly come in along with the fresh air. Standard screens are difficult to work with and tend to get dirty, but there is a better solution.

When you invest in a motorized screen door or window, you are choosing a screen that is versatile and functional. Rolling into a protective housing when not in use, they are more durable than traditional screens. Designed to fit even large openings, there is very little framework blocking your amazing views. Disappearing screen doors operate smoothly and can even be opened and closed with one hand. Choose motorized versions for the most convenient option.

We offer custom screens for all the windows and doors in your home.

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